Register for the workshops in Bangkok


November 15: Molecular typing of human neutrophil antigens workshop
This workshop aims to educate the participant in the field of granulocyte immunology, serology and HNA genotyping. 
To register for this workshop, please complete the registration form and send it to Behnaz Bayat.

November 18, 13.30-15.00: Workshop on GMP/GP standards and their implication for the safety of blood and blood components
The seminar will comprise lectures and group work in a face‐to‐face fashion based on cases covering several aspects of GP and GMP such as: GP Guidelines, Inspection/Audit, Validation, Change Control, Corrective actions, Risk Assessment.
To register for this workshop, please contact Christian Seidl. For more information click here.

November 17, 14.00-15.30:Career development in transfusion medicine for young professionals
The workshop will be hosted by Veera Sekaran Nadarajan. Please fill the application form at the Bangkok website. 

November 19, 10.30-12.00: Writing successful transfusion research grant applications
The workshop will be hosted by Erica Woods and you will learn how to write a good research grant proposal. A registration is not required for this workshop.

For more information about the workshops go to the Bangkok congress website